Associate Tech Artist

Location: Bengaluru

Job description

The Technical Artist collaborates with a team of fellow technical artists and mobile engineers to effectively implement completed art assets and facilitate seamless asset integration in Unity. The Technical Artist acts as a bridge between the art and engineering teams, championing optimal performance and efficiency in the game’s final visual assets, as well as works to effectively solve any art-related bugs or hitches that may arise during production.

Required Skills:

* Effective communication with team members of varying disciplines including written documentation of pipeline processes

* Core Photoshop CS6 skills such as compositing, tiling, and export optimization

* Expertise with Unity 3D: shaders, prefab creation, lighting. Bonus: NGUI

* Familiarity with Maya, including rigging, model optimization, and UV texturing

* Technical background in developing scripts, Photoshop actions, and other automation tools necessary for art implementation and optimization

* Clear understanding of particle systems and animation processes

* Ability to create quick functional prototypes using Unity

* Experience with asset optimization for the efficient use of resources

* Ability to support the art team with troubleshooting and technical assistance

* Strong problem-solving methodology


Recommended Skills:

* 2+ years experience in games development, with shipped titles

* Prior experience with version control software such as Perforce

* Please send Portfolio samples, which may range from optimization exercises to examples of creative problem-solving within a given art pipeline.