Senior Web Developer

Urban Ladder
Location: Bengaluru

Job description


Role & Responsibilities

We are looking for talented JS and CSS developers who can help us build the next generation of our web presence. Take a look at what we have been up to by looking under the hood of our mobile website:

We are looking for developers who believe in clean, performant, and secure code. Over the past couple of years, our small team of frontend engineers has invested a lot in shipping code which adheres to our style guides and stringent code review process. We are looking for skilled developers who can leverage and evolve this ecosystem to deliver high-quality features in a fast-paced environment.

What you will do at Urban Ladder:

  • Work on modern application stack (ES6/7/8, React, MobX, Redux, etc.) to build experiences matching our design philosophy.

  • Build products such as desktop & mobile browser apps, hybrid mobile apps, browser plugins, etc. for various platforms.

  • Build reusable frontend libraries e.g. Analytics and SSO.

  • Help with writing the next generation of our legacy systems.

  • Work on productive code bases while further improving our internal style guidelines and code review processes.

  • Contribute to building a thriving, mutually helpful developer ecosystem.

  • Occasionally try your hands at things outside your comfort zone (backend, native mobile, etc.)

If you think this is something that’ll make you get out of bed every day, read on to see what you need to land this role.

Need to have:

  • Proficiency in vanilla JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, and hands-on experience with commonly used as well as newer patterns, concepts, and tools.

  • Basic understanding of Data Structures, Algorithms, and Design Patterns to write efficient JS code.

  • Strong understanding of frontend performance beyond network performance (e.g. Rendering and Scroll Performance).

  • Strong understanding of general web concepts like HTTP APIs, HTTP/2, and Security.

  • Understanding of major browsers (including that on mobile) and special considerations required for each.

  • An eye for design and another for details.

  • Strong analytical, problem solving, and troubleshooting skills.

  • A strong ability to quickly learn new technologies and to keep yourself updated with the latest in frontend tech.

  • Drive, curiosity, and a passion for doing the right thing.


Good To Have:

  • Proficiency in React or comparable technologies e.g. Vue.js or Angular.

  • Experience with Node.js and frameworks like Koa or Express.

  • Experience with popular frontend tools e.g. Webpack, Babel, Rollup, Parcel, TypeScript.

  • Experience with testing frameworks like Jest, Jasmine, or Nightwatch.

  • A strong understanding of analytics and a data-driven approach to product development.

  • Strong understanding of concepts like SEO, Analytics, A/B testing, CI/CD tools, Unicode, etc.

  • Ability to withstand harmless pranks that occur with unerring frequency.

More about Tech @ Urban Ladder:

  • We are a lean and nimble team of engineers.

  • We are language agnostic and believe in working with the best tools for the job. We are strong proponents of DevOps culture and have automated a lot of processes for efficiency and productivity.

  • We have an excellent learning environment for people who want to grow at an accelerated pace. Moreover, engineers routinely participate and drive design discussions, tech demos and tech talks.

  • We encourage open source contributions from team members and are open to open sourcing things we build.